About KF17 INC.

KF17 INC. is owned by the Danish Company KF17 ApS.

CEO / ISO Consultant, Thomas Dehnfeld

We are 6 employees.

We are 6 employees. Soon we will establish an office in Atlanta.


Curious: When we show curiosity, it is to ensure that our customers experience seen and understood, on their own terms. Our task is to interact with the customer and create opportunities for new perspectives, alternative actions and solutions.

Brave: Dare to push boundaries - believe that with curiosity we can come up with alternatives that can really make a difference. Brave enough to take on new challenges. At the same time be brave enough to say no to a challenge that we do not think we can solve satisfactorily.

Trustworthy: We want to build trust by being 100% true to ourselves. Act openly and honestly so that no one is in doubt about where they have us. We want to be loyal to our customers and ourselves - we do not want to compromise on our integrity. Keep what we promise - act professionally and only take on tasks that we believe we can solve.

Inclusiveness: If we are to face the future successfully, it requires great inclusiveness. Only with inclusiveness do we get all the resources and competencies in play. For us, spaciousness means everything from personalities, competencies, ethnic backgrounds, etc.

”Everything is possible if you believe…”