ISO 14001

KF17 ensure an effective implementation of Environmental management system – ISO 14001
At KF17, we have focus on environment and sustainability.
We have many years of experience with ISO management systems and optimization of internal processes.

Implementation plan for ISO 14001:

Teams startup meeting (introduction to ISO, KF17 ISO Management system, calendar planning etc.) - 2 to 3 hours

At Customer site:

Day 1:

  • Introduction to customer site and discussion of possible GAPS there need to be addressed early in the process.
  • Wording of main environmental policy
  • Selection of environmental goals and environmental phrases (including the FN´s 17 sustainable development goals)
  • Review of management processes

 Day 2:

  • Preparation of operating processes
  • Review of support processes
  • Teaching regarding requirements for management system handbook (Customer writes the document accordingly)

 Day 3:

  • Close the work with the documents
  • Internal audit - Training towards external audit 

Teams meeting: Follow-up on internal audit - 2 hours

Teams meeting: Preparation of the annual management evaluation - 3 hours

Teams meeting: The annual management evaluation - 2 hours

External certification audit - day 1 of 2 - without KF17

Teams meeting: Follow-up on external audit - 3 hours

External certification audit - day 2 of 2 - without KF17

Teams meeting: Follow-up on external audit and end the implementation - 3 hours

Expansion with:

ISO 9001 and / or ISO 45001

KF17's management system can contain all 3 standards. We have a strong focus on the environment because the requirements for subcontractors make it difficult to deliver to larger companies without having environmental management. That said, we see a very large synergy with the ISO 9001 and ISO 45001With most of our customers, it makes very good sense to implement both standards at the same time.

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