ISO implementation

Simple and agile.

KF17 ensure an effective implementation of Your ISO management system

Many years of work with ISO management systems and internal process optimization have created an ISO implementation process unique to KF17 - keep it simple and agile.

KF17's management system can contain all standards in one system. 

Your challenge

You must relate to:
  • Customer demands for ISO.
  • Increasing regulation.
  • Your company's climate accounts.
  • A world moving in a more sustainable direction

You need:

To implement quickly and efficiently so your company

can take advantage of the process uniformity and universal

acceptance of the ISO standards.

KF17 is the natural solution.

The KF17 Process

Adapted to smaller and specialized companies, the KF17 process introduces optimal operation and efficient management of quality, environmental and Occupational health and safety processes without the heavy administrative burden.

A well-implemented ISO management system creates more efficiency and less waste, reducing costs while doing less harm to the environment. Sustainability is environmentally responsible and saves money too. The KF17 approach brings financial, environmental, and operational benefits to deliver more value in less time.

Being environmental-friendly is not only a good philosophy but a money-saving strategy.

The way to your strategic goal

Implementing all 3 standards leads the way to success. With ISO 45001 we improve the employee satisfaction. Better satisfaction means higher performance and execution om the internal processes. Leeds to higher quality and good customer evaluations. A well-balanced organization with high satisfaction means financial success and leads the way to the strategic goals - it´s what simple.

Financial benefits

  • KF17 ´s ISO management system uses office 365, so no additional software and subscriptions are needed..
  • KF17 support instead of hiring an ISO manager / ISO coordinator.
  • Lower implementation costs by combining the standards in the same system.

Environmental benefits

  • Understanding and managing the company's environmental impact.
  • Emission-reduction
  • A focus on sustainability. 
  • A focus on life cycle perspective.

Operational benefits

  • Higher process efficiency.
  • KF17 support.
  • An ISO control system that is easy to operate.
  • One system.

ISO 9001:2015


ISO 14001:2015


ISO 45001:2108

Occupational health and safety

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