ISO 9001:2015

KF17 ensure an effective implementation of quality management system - ISO 9001. At KF17, we have a strong focus on process optimization, risk management, supplier management and competence management.
We have many years of experience with ISO management systems and optimization of internal processes.

The combination of Quality and environment

We believe in achieving the best results by focusing on both standards.

Why? Due to the challenge and the financial benefits.

The requirements for quality, less waste and environmental focus are increasing at the same time. You only achieve full customer, authority and population satisfaction when you have control over both quality and environment.

Implementation plan:

Please see the implementation plan on the ISO 14001 page.

The implementation of both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 will require an extension of the number of days at customer site and more team meetings.
But beyond that, it is still a simple and efficient process where KF17 ensures a good implementation.

”Everything is possible if you believe…”